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$12.95 US 8 oz 

Don't repaint that old vehicle! Restore the shine on older, dulled painted surfaces with OxyGone .

Quick, easy, and inexpensive, OxyGone gets rid of oxidation that dulls painted surfaces. All it takes is a quick spray, a light rub to haze, then buffing with a terry towel... and the shine you didn't know was there is back again!

OxyGone offers these great features: It reverses the damaging effects of sun, wind, and precipitation. No pre-washing is necessary. It contains no abrasives and no ammonia  It delivers a one-two punch for dull painted surfaces.

And OxyGone can be used on other materials. It will take those tough back spots off enameled cookware surfaces. It restores gold, silver, glass, or plastic items. And it even takes off hard-water build-up.

Bring back the shine with OxyGone. Then, keep that shine with DRI WASH 'n GUARD .

Use OxyGone to:

Remove hard-water spotting on windows, shower doors, and other surfaces. Clean isinglass (the plastic material on jeeps, boats, and older convertible tops). Renew enameled pots and pans.


Look At What Others Are Saying About Their First Experiences With OxyGone!


"We're using OxyGone on some of the most expensive show cars at the Chicago World of Wheels," 

"We used OxyGone on my son's 17-1/2-ft. fiberglass boat with badly discolored gel coat. It's unbelievable - that 24-year-old boat looks like new!"

"We also tried it on his red 4x4 which had been scratched up in the off-road brush. The scratches simply disappeared. This product is going to be even bigger than DRI WASH 'n GUARD

Better Than Rubbing Compounds

OxyGone not only works better than traditional rubbing compounds, it's easier to use. To be effective, ordinary rubbing compounds usually are applied and buffed with a machine by a professional. It is almost impossible to produce an even finish when buffing any other way. OxyGone has overcome that problem with its exclusive, advanced formulation. Just wipe it on and rub it off. OxyGone will restore the luster and beauty of the original color and produce a bright, even shine without the danger of spottiness or light and dark streaks.

OxyGone also works wonders on feather scratches. Unlike other rubbing compounds, OxyGone can be applied directly to a dirty surface, so it can be instantly and dramatically demonstrated just like DRI WASH 'n GUARD waterless car wash!

Breathtaking Results

"If you can use DRI WASH 'n GUARD, you can use OxyGone. You can be confident of the results. And the professional body and paint shops can get tremendous results with OxyGone, too! This is truly a great companion product to DRI WASH 'n GUARD."

Finish the Job With DRI WASH 'n GUARD

Of course, after you have restored that great look to the paint, you will want to protect the finish with a coat of DRI WASH 'n GUARD to make that newly restored shine really sparkle!