DWG Premium Metal Polish

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12-oz. Bottle: $14.95 US*

Polishing metal has never been easier! Just as DRI WASH 'n GUARD cleans, seals, polishes, and protects painted metal surfaces, DWG Premium Metal Polish cleans, restores, and protects unpainted metal surfaces.

DWG Premium Metal Polish makes short work of polishing silver, chrome, brass, gold, stainless steel, platinum, and other unpainted metal surfaces. Simply rub Premium Metal Polish onto the metal surface, allow it to dry, then buff it off lightly. It's that easy! There's no need to rub and rub.

The unique combination of extraordinary ingredients in DWG Premium Metal Polish- among them the exclusive formula EXP·7™- do the work, taking the "elbow grease" out of the job!

Hard-to-clean metal surfaces are no match for DWG Premium Metal Polish. With no harsh, toxic smell, this outstanding product tackles the toughest jobs! It removes oxidation, rust, and tar without abrasive solutions. DWG Premium Metal Polish also works on glass.

Metal surfaces cleaned and protected with DWG Premium Metal Polish are anti-static. They also resist water spots, fingerprints, tarnishing, corrosion
and weather damage.

Premium Metal Polish is great for:

Mag wheels and chrome bumpers
Decorative brass
Tanker trucks and external fuel tanks
Metal canoes, and fishing boats
Fine gold, silver, and platinum jewelry
Watermarks on glass