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More Information About DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ

Wash & Polish Over Dirt!

One of the outstanding features of DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ is the fact that it can be applied to the finish of a dirty vehicle and because of our Exclusive Formula PolyGuard-3ョ, without scratching its surface. Since we wouldn't blame anyone for cringing at the thought of dirt and grime being ground into the finish of an expensive vehicle, we suggest the following test to prove it really does work.
Start the test by polishing an inconspicuous area, such as a dirty portion underneath the hood or trunk lid, or around a door opening. As you gain confidence, try polishing a dirty chrome bumper, a tail-light lens, a lower quarter panel. It won't be long 'til you're testing it on the hood, the trunk lid, and whatever else is left! Suddenly, the truth will become apparent - A regular wash-job will leave scratches, DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ will not!
Washing any car will eventually take its toll. Sooner or later, the paint will become dull and contain an uncountable number of tiny scratches called feather scratches. DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ with Formula PolyGuard-3ョ cannot scratch; and it most certainly will not dull the finish!
Think of the time, money and effort you'll save by not having to wash and dry your car before polishing! Think of not using or wasting one drop of water!

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You Say It Won't Scratch My Car?

How does DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ with Exclusive Formula PolyGuard-3ョ prevent scratches? Actually, it's a combination of factors, each working simultaneously and independently of each other.
When you spray a section of an unwashed vehicle with DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ, notice that we said "spray". Each "spray" either covers or surrounds any dirt particles with thousands of individual droplets - each less than .015" in diameter. The droplets that cover begin to soften, emulsify and lift the dirt particles immediately, due to the generous supply of cleaning agents contained in the formula. The droplets that surround prevent the dirt particles from coming in contact with the surface because a combination of special lubricants keeps them in a state of suspension until they are absorbed by the application cloth. Although this cloth is absorbing all the dirt, it is also becoming saturated with lubricants, so it never does reach a point where it is too dirty to use." In short, a single application cloth will easily wash and polish one vehicle.

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Driwash N' Guard is a Glass Cleaner Too!

Another distinguishing feature of DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ is that it's a fantastic glass cleaner and sealant. In fact, DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ is capable of bonding to glass for a year or more. You'll see this for yourself each time you drive in the rain. Instead of lying in sheets on the windshield, water scatters off the glass like it's being chased. DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ makes "bug removal" so much easier, too. The invisible coating works on the same principle that prevents eggs from sticking to the TEFLON surface of a frying pan. Other polishes, waxes and paint sealants are NEVER recommended for use on glass because of the oily film they leave behind. This can be hazardous under certain conditions, such as when headlights approach at night or when windshield wipers are turned on during a light rain. DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ leaves NO oily residue, which makes it totally safe and highly recommended for all your glass cleaning needs.

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How About Economy?

Are you ready for this? DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ comes in the industry's first REFILLABLE AIROSOL BOTTLE!!! For high volume users - such as detail shops, auto dealers, and body shops buying in large quantities is a necessity. Since aerosol containers don't come cheap, they've never been much of a hit with the high-volume boys. Well, now you can have your cake and eat it too, because DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ can be purchased in economical refills, and the AIRosol bottle is refillable! Because the AIRosol bottle meters out the contents in the form of a fine mist, a little DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ goes a long way. An average-size car is typically washed and polished with 2 oz. of liquid, which means you can expect FOUR FULL wash and polish jobs from a single 8 oz. bottle...including windows! When the bottle is empty (it sprays down to the last drop!), simply remove the spray mechanism, top it off with a fresh supply from our 32 oz. REFILL bottle, and you're ready to go again.
The COMBO-PAK provides a 32 oz. and EMPTY SPRAY BOTTLE in one package, thus saving the hassle of having to return to the store every time the spray bottle needs refilling. Furthermore, the "cost-per- ounce" factor of the COMBO-PAK is lower than the sum of its parts, making it an attractive package for the frequent user.
Right now, you're probably saying to yourself, okay I've refilled the spray bottle; but how do I repressurize it?" Would you believe you can do it yourself in less than 15 seconds! The DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ cap does double-duty as an Air Compressor of sorts. You simply place it in position on top of the bottle and begin pumping up and down...using short 2" strokes. It takes only 5-8 pumps yet will develop enough pressure to spray the 2 oz. of fluid required to wash and polish an entire car! Since you're repressurizing the contents with AIR ONLY, it's environmentally safe for the ozone - which is why we refer to it as an AIROSOL:" It's important to note, too, that the DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ AIRosol bottle can be overpressurized. If too much air is forced into the cylinder, you could strip the cap off or break the bottle.

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99 Reasons for using AIRosol

Why use an AIRosol bottle in the first place? Why not a trigger: sprayer, or a simple "pour-as-you-go" bottle? First of all, because DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ is such a low viscosity, pouring was out of the question. It pours right through a rag, for example, and runs off the hood of a car into the ground. A trigger sprayer is a big improvement, but only to a point. The high-quality AIRosol bottle was chosen to use to meter out DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ in the precise pattern needed for our "wash and polish-over-dirt" theory to work. Plus, it requires only a very light pressure on the nozzle to make it pumping till your wrist aches; no "lost droplets" at the end of each pump. Unlike other aerosols, this one produces no COLD SHOCK as you spray. The bottle is just the right size...fits comfortably in your hand...slips easily into your front pocket when used during buffing operations. And, yes, you'll really appreciate the convenience of the DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ spray when washing and polishing the side of a vehicle. No more messy pouring spills. When Dri Washing a door, for example, all of the product goes to the door...and stays there. And, because you can actually see the product being applied to the surface, you don't use more material than is necessary. It can average as little as 33 cents per week to wash, polish, and seal the entire surface of an automobile for two Years! Need we say more? "Yes! DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ is fast, convenient and-economical to use, and best of all you'll save precious water when you use it.

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A "Major League" Product!

But just how good can a spray wax be? For most spray waxes...not very. However, DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ is not most spray waxes. If used occasionally, in place of a wash-job, DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ will make a used car look new, and a new car look BETTER than new. If sprayed on and buffed into the surface with a high speed buffer, a "one-time application" will lock in the shine and protection for up to a year or more.
With older cars, the more neglected the paint, the greater the need for DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ to be applied with a buffer. In instances of extremely dull paint, it may even be necessary to go over the car first with a rubbing compound. But, in MOST cases - even advanced cases of oxidation (like, when a red car develops a bluish-green cast), all that is necessary is for DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ to be buffed in...again, without benefit of washing and drying. The results will be SPECTACULAR! The surface brilliance will be so intense you'll think the vehicle is wearing a halo!

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Professionals Will Love Using Dri-Wash!

Professional users of DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ will especially appreciate the ease with which this product can be applied. it's as simple as: SPRAY IT ON - BUFF IT IN. Even if performed on a "dirty" vehicle, you won't have to change to a "clean" buffing pad midway through the job. Miraculously, buffer pads can be used over and over when using DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ. An occasional cleaning with a spur or screwdriver or a compressed air blower is all that is needed.

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No Swirl Marks!

Better still, is the fact that DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ leaves NO buffer swirls. In fact, it can even be used - and should be used - to remove, buffer swirls left by other products (such as rubbing compounds). All that is required is to buff "cross-grain" ... or, in small circular motions. And, as if that wasn't enough, you'll find it virtually impossible to burn paint when using this super-slippery polishing glaze.

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Black Chrome

Are there any other features worth mentioning? Well, we've hardly scratched the surface (PUN INTENDED). Here's another example: DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ will not stain black chrome! Most of the trim and protective moldings on today's cars and trucks are either rubberized, plastic, or painted a "flat" color. Often, the color is black - hence, the name "black chrome."
When black chrome is polished with most polishes and waxes, it turns "white" and is all but impossible to remove. DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ, on the other hand, is easily removed from black chrome...leaving it shiny and protected in the process.

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Will Wet Paint Stick to DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ?

Body shops, too, will "rejoice knowing that no special preparation is necessary when repainting vehicles coated with DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ. A normal degreaser such as "Prep Sol" or "Enamel Reducer is all that is needed. To prove this to yourself, polish an old damaged fender, a large metal barrel, or whatever else is handy with DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ. After buffing off the polish with a dry cloth, try painting the surface with an aerosol spray paint. For paint to adhere to such a slippery surface seems downright magical but it will!
While we don't advocate the use of DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ as a primer, at least it's comforting to know that it will present no special problems for body shop personnel.

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Don't Forget to Polish the Edge of the Hood?

Ever notice the way most waxes and polishes "cake-up" around Panel edges? Six months after the car was polished, those big white Pasty layers are still clinging to the edges of the hood, trunk lid, etc.. Not so with DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ...even if buffed. Of course, if you own a white car, you'll probably never appreciate this bonus!

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DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ Has Many Other Uses

Another outstanding feature of DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ is its versatility. Although officially designated as an "Automotive Waterless Wash and Polishing Glaze," DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ may also be used on a wide variety of non-automotive surfaces; boats, painted metals, glass, chrome mirrors, smooth plastics, formica, porcelain, brass, aluminum, and fiberglass are but some of the many surfaces that may be successfully polished and protected with DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ. In short, DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ may be used on any hard, nonporous surface. Because of this versatility, DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ can take the place of many household cleaners and polishes. Window panes, bath mirrors, sinks & fixtures, microwave oven doors, stoves, refrigerators, glass, eyeglasses, etc., are just a sample of the many uses around the home for this truly remarkable product.
Boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, steel siding and many other high-ticket items that spend their entire existence exposed to the elements. Needless to say, they'll appreciate DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ's extra measure of protection as much as your car does.

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What About Compatibility

Are there any products with which DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ will react adversely? YES... WATER!
For the same reason water runs off a DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ surface. DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ will not bond to a water-laden surface...even if it's just a few drops. There's nothing wrong with applying it over another brand of wax or polish, though. In fact, it'll strip through layers of dull wax as though they never existed.
If applied BY HAND to a surface recently protected with another brand of paint sealant, there's a very slight possibility that the finish will become somewhat difficult to remove and/or cause minor streaking. However, if applied BY MACHINE, the only possible negative reaction might come when the owner of the vehicle realizes what a fool he was to spend hundreds of dollars on Paint Sealant in the first place!

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You'll Love it at First Sight

By now you've probably noticed that this is getting to be a very long "PRODUCT INFORMATION REPORT". That's what happens when you've got a product long on features. It's even possible that you may have more important things to do than read THE CONTINUING SAGA of DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ. So, we're going to dim the lights, turn off the sirens, and leave you with one final thought.
DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ with Exclusive Formula PolyGuard-3ョ is about to become one of the most sought after CLEANING and PAINT ENHANCEMENT PRODUCTS in the world...we've already given you all the alluring reasons why. In the meantime, all we're asking is that you give us a try. Besides doing your car a favor, you'll be doing free DRI WASH 地 GUARDョ commercials for us everywhere you park your car!

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