DWG Product Uses



All Types of Vehicles  Stainless Steel   Glass
Cars                     Tools                   Graphics
Trucks                  Windshields        Ceramic
Recreation            Black Chrome     Plexiglas
Motor cycles         Bowling Balls     Aluminum
Golf Carts             Golf Clubs          Fiberglass
Race Cars             Fishing Rods     Plastics
Mobile Homes        Guns/Rifles       Grills
Classic Cars          Wrought Iron
Buses                    Store Front Signs
Airplanes               Industrial Equipment
Boats                     Commercial Equipment
Trailers                   Farm Equipment
Helicopters             Traffic/Street

This one-step product cleans, seals, polishes and protects any hard, non-porous surface without using a drop of water. The product contains no Teflon, silicone or wax, yet gives your vehicle a showroom shine while protecting it from UV rays. Once applied, a water dampened and a dry terry cloth is all that is required to re-clean your vehicle and renew that showroom shine.

Vehicle Seats               Shoes            Boots
Vehicle Dash/Trim      Skirts             Slacks
Vinyl Vehicle Roofs   Briefcases     Luggage
Vehicle Moldings        Purses           Gloves
Restaurant Furniture  Bar Stools      Chairs
Office Furniture          Books            Tires
Desk Accessories      Belts              Hats
Horse Saddles            Jackets          Sofas
Jewelry Cases           Vinyl Floors    Clothing


Cleans, conditions and protects in one easy step with no silicones or petroleum distillates which produce an unnatural shine. It is unscented, so it doesn't mask the luxurious smell of leather. UV protection is an additional bonus!


Brought to you by Waterless-Wash.com

Windows              Toys               Chrome
Mirrors                 Sterling Silver  Pewter
Desk Tops            Plexiglas         Marble
Kitchen Counters  Plastic            Formica
Display Cases        TV Screens  Lucite
Chandeliers           Silverware     Blinds
White Boards       Wood Doors    Jewelry
Bath Fixtures        Sinks               Showers
Microwave            Stoves            Aluminum
Ceramic Tile         Bathtubs           Glass
Wood Furniture     Porcelain         Enamel
Appliances            Cameras         Stainless
Copy Machine      Computers       Telephones
Musical Instruments


This product does for the indoors what the outdoor product does for vehicles. It has a fresh lemon scent and eliminates mildew, odors and mold at the source. This one step method of cleaning replaces most cleaning products, thus saving time and money!


Semi-truck trailers     Brass
Airplanes                       Copper
Mag Wheels                       Chrome
Aluminum Trailers                       Gold
Stainless Steel                     Silver
Magnesium                  Zinc
Platinum     Aluminum


Designed to deep clean, polish and protect hard to clean, solid, unpainted metal surfaces. It leaves an anti-static finish which resists fingerprints, tarnishing, corrosion and the negative affects of weather. It also  removes oxidation, tar and rust.