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Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your DWG products. 

(Adapted from an article written by Russell Stanaland in the Waterless-Times Magazine)  

1)     Always prime your terry cloth towels before using.

2)     After using your cloths, put them in a zip-lock bag and reuse them. This will make your product go further.

3)     Never spray towards the door edges. Just use your cloth, as there is enough product on the cloth to finish the job.

4)     When filling your pumpers, fill them only halfway and pump the pumpers till they are tight. You can get more mileage out of your bottle of DRI WASH n' GUARD®.

5)     Spray a light mist onto the vehicle. If you can see it, you have almost used too much. Don't get the "Windex® syndrome."

6)     To clean out the nozzle, turn the bottle upside down and spray. If this doesn't work, run the nozzle under hot water.

7)     When washing cloths, always use soap only (no fabric softener).

8)     When through polishing v' the vehicle, always release the pressure off the pumpers, as products could swell up on the side and spill out.

9)     Always use the terry cloth towels from the house-wares department, not the automotive department.

10) Always use two cloths when applying DRI WASH n' GUARD® - one to apply, the other to wipe.  

If you want to download our detailers manual with lots of specific tips on using all the DWG products as well as opening a detailing business Click Here to download the Detailing Manual (pdf format)

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