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Executive Summary

DWG International� is the pioneer in waterless and water-saving technologies, the only company that manufactures and distributes the world famous Waterless Car Wash product, DRI WASH 'n GUARD� . We offer a complete line of auto and home products that take advantage of the latest scientific breakthroughs. But perhaps the greatest feature of our products is that they are easily demonstrated in thirty seconds or less. 

Thousands of people are already running successful home-based businesses, making good money, and enjoying the dream of taking control of their lives thanks to our highly-advanced form of distribution and compensation. Our distributors are rewarded both for sharing DWG
products, and for helping others to set up their own home-based businesses. Distributors get paid for their own efforts, as well as the efforts of those below them, and the potential for income from DWG International� is immediate, generous, and virtually without limit!

Simply put, DWG International� is a company in the right place at the right time, with high-tech products, high-tech distribution, and high-tech compensation.

Watch a Video About the Opportunity and Products  by Clicking Here (Real Video)

What makes the perfect business opportunity?


1) Unique & Exclusive Products

2) Unlimited Markets

2) Solid Company

4) Huge Profit Potential

5) Training & Support

6) Timing

Unique & Exclusive Products and Unlimited Markets

With less than 1% of the earth's water suitable for human use, the need for water conservation is undeniable

We face a water shortage crisis, and unlike the oil crisis of the 1970's, there are no alternatives to water.

DRI WASH`n GUARD�s Waterless Technology is Cutting Edge .

As a pioneer in the development of Waterless and Water�Saving Technologies, DWG International has created a line of products which safely clean and protect everything from automobiles, trucks, RVs, boats, planes, and industrial equipment to kitchen appliances and furniture, from fine jewelry to luxurious leathers all without using water! Dri Wash 'n Guard products perform unlike anything you have ever seen before, and you can feel good about using them.

Exclusive Formulations Create 3 Dynamic Product Lines (Auto, Home & Skin Care)

Easily Demonstrated Products (Usually in 30 Seconds or less)

Success Magazine called Dri Wash 'n Guard "The most dramatic demonstration in the history of MLM!"

Dramatic Results

Highly Consumable & Retailable Products

Established Product Credibility

Unlimited Markets (Anyone who: Has a Vehicle, Lives in a Home, Has Skin and Hair)

Products You Can Trust

As a DWG Distributor, you have three powerful business advantages working for you. In fact, there is not another opportunity in North America today that can offer this unique combination of business advantages!

1. No Competitors
The DWG products are unique and exclusive. The only way the public can get them is through you. While there will always be ineffective �copycat� products trying to duplicate DWG�s success, there will never be another DRI WASH �n GUARD�, and there will never be another line of Waterless Products to rival DWG International�.

2. The 30-Second Demo
We live in a �microwave� world. People want results. . .and they want them now. And that is exactly what you have to offer with a simple 30-second demonstration. There is no other networking company in the industry today that can match the power and impact of the DWG 30-second demonstration. Do not underestimate the value of this unique and exciting business advantage. A simple 30-second demo three times a day (or more!) can build you a huge retirement income with DWG!

3. Real Repeat Customers
In this industry, you hear a lot about the importance of a product�s consumability. While consumability is important, it really only applies to consumption by a company�s independent representatives. A highly consumable product is critical for most companies because they have no customers outside of their distributor base.

Solid Company

Solid Financial Standing

DWG is a solid, DEBT FREE company with the best new products in the history of our industry! DWG has ensured its continued success with:

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

State�of�the�Art Software and Hardware Systems

Solid Management

The DWG management team is a group of dedicated professionals with more than 100 years of combined successful experience in the network marketing industry. Their purpose is three�fold:

1. Conserve and protect our natural resources.

2. Help you build your financial future with products based on exclusive, leading�edge technology.

3. Continually support and encourage the growth of your DWG business.

With such a rock�solid, well�managed, debt�free company supporting your business, there are truly no limits to what you can achieve.

Solid Market Research and Development

Direct sales was chosen because people thought it was "to good too be true" when they saw it on TV. All DWG products go through rigorous market research and testing before their release to the public through distributors.


Huge Profit Potential

You Can Earn Money 5 Ways

Retail and Reorder Income

Service Income

Wholesale Commissions

Director Overrides

Bonus Income

Immediate Income Opportunity 

Retailing Income

Sell the products. A Distributor buys at wholesale and can sell at retail. The more you sell, the bigger your profit margin!

Just �Squirt the Dirt� and Let the �Salesman in the Bottle� Do the Rest! This 30 Second Demonstration creates instant Retail Sales, and an interest in the Business Opportunity

20 - 40% Retail Profit

30 � Second Demonstrations

High Demand

Money Back Guarantee

Retail Direct Program  


Detailing � Service Income

Detail vehicles using our products. Because of the waterless technology, you can go ANYWHERE and not worry about or water sources.

Autos, Boats, Trucks, RV�s, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Neon Signs, Windows, and MORE!

Earn $25 -$50 per hour and MORE!

Set Your Own Pay & Hours

Residential and Commercial Applications

Reorder Income

Those 60 Million Vehicles get Dirty, Again & Again

Your On�Going Income Opportunities

Wholesale Commissions

Introduce others to the Opportunity. As you bring others into the DWG Opportunity, you will make commissions on their purchases.

Dealer � 20% ����> Manager � 30%����> Director � 40%  

You can begin by enrolling as a DEALER, where you can purchase products at a 20% discount.

The Dealer position allows you to earn retail profits, service income, and to sponsor other Dealers into your organization.

You then advance to the MANAGER level, where you are now able to purchase products at a 30% discount. Your advancement is based on accumulated retail volume and is without time limits. 

The Manager position allows you to earn wholesale income, retail profits, service income, and to sponsor other Dealers and Quick Start Managers into your organization.

As a Manager, you can earn 10% wholesale commissions on the retail volume generated by Dealers in your organization. 

*Group retail volume is the total volume of a Distributors personal volume and the total volume of all Dealers and Managers in a Distributors organization that are not under an intervening Director.

You then advance to the DIRECTOR level, where you are now able to purchase products at a 40% discount. Your advancement is based on accumulated product volume and is without time limits.

The Director position allows you to earn maximum wholesale income, retail profits, service income, and to sponsor other Dealers, Quick Start Managers, and Quick Start Directors into your organization.

As a Director, you can earn 10% wholesale commissions on the retail volume generated by Managers in your personal organization and 20% commissions from the retail volume generated by your personally sponsored Dealers. 

For Example:  

Let's say you are a Manager and your discount is 30%, you will earn 10% on new dealers joining your downline.  If you were a director (40%) you would earn 20% on new Dealers.

Getting Started

Enroll as a Distributor for $44.65 US/$47.65 CN    


Your DRI WASH `n GUARD Customers purchase Dri Wash plus additional DWG products such as:

Leather & Vinyl Treatment

Premium Metal Polish

Fabric, Carpet, & Upholstery Treatment

DRI WASH `n GUARD for the Home

And More�

An Example of Potential Profit Per Sale On a Single Bottle of Dri Wash 'n Guard (US)- as a.........


Suggested Retail Price                $38.95

Dealer Cost (20% Discount)        $31.16

Dealer Profit                                  $ 7.79

Build Your Organization By Sponsoring Other Dealers


Suggested Retail Price                 $38.95

Manager Cost (30% Discount)     $27.27

Manager Profit                               $11.69

- You become a MANAGER with a total $3000 PGRV (Personal Group Retail Volume) over time. This is not a monthly quota.   PGRV means that others in your downline can help bring you closer to the required volume to be promoted.

- There is No time Limit to achieve this step.


Suggested Retail Price                 $38.95

Director Cost (40% Discount)       $23.37

Director Profit                                 $15.58

- You become a DIRECTOR with a total $6000 PGRV (Personal Group Retail Volume) over time. This is not a monthly quota.  PGRV means that other dealers and managers in your downline can help bring you closer to the required volume to be promoted.

- There is No Time Limit to achieve this step.

To Review:

  • There is no time limit to advance from Dealer to Manager or Director. 

  • There is no re-qualifying once you have reached the Manager or Director level. 

  • There is no limit to the number of people you may sponsor from which you earn commissions. 


When you add the MOST LUCRATIVE GENERATION OVERRIDES in Network Marketing to that immediate income, you will see why this is the best opportunity you could ever find! You receive up to 32% in generation overrides, which means there are real incentives to train and lead an organization.  

On Your 1st Generation - 8% 

On Your 2nd Generation - 7% 

On Your 3rd Generation - 7% 

On Your 4th Generation - 5% 

On Your 5th Generation - 5% 

While you are earning money TODAY, you are building an organization that will assure you of long-term residual income in the future. Couple this with a product line that provides the most effective demonstrations in the history of Direct Sales and you can see why Success Magazine called DWG one of the "Hottest Network Marketing Opportunities" in America!  

The Power Of Duplication Plus Time

Just Get 3 People to Duplicate Your Efforts (3��>9��>27��>81-�>243)

Get 5 People and WOW!!! (5 ��>25��>125��>625��>3,125)

Example of Possible Monthly Income Through Overrides:

3,125 people X Avg. $100/Month = $312,500 X 6% (Avg.) = $18,750/mo.  

Leadership Infinity Bonuses

Four Separate Infinity Bonuses of 4% each are awarded to you as your business grows


Training & Support

Ongoing training and support for your nationwide business

Divisional Coordinators

National & Regional Meetings

National Conference Calls

Global Email & Voicemail

Distributor Personal Website

The power of your DWG Opportunity is enhanced by our commitment to enhance training, create tools, and give you everything you need to be successful in you DWG International business. You are becoming a new distributor at a very opportune time.

The Perfect Business Opportunity


Unique & Exclusive Products

Unlimited Markets

Solid Company

Huge Profit Potential

Training & Support

Perfect Timing

The Time Is Now!

Take Action Now!  




Distributor On-line Enrollment <<< Click Here


There are 4 Ways to Start Your DWG Business:

1. Dealer - Purchase a distributorship for $44.65 US / $47.65 CN and get a distributor kit and and the ability to purchase products at 20% discount. 
2. Smart Start Dealer (SSD) - For people who wish to purchase and use DWG Products at a 20%Discount, and share the products with others, the Smart Start Dealer is your best choice because you invest $239.95 U.S./$260.20 CN (includes s&h) and you get a DWG Distributor Kit and a Detailers Pack (product code 3441) which contains:
  • 1 - DWG 16 oz ULTRA-ION� Car
  • 1 - DWG Tire & Trim Treatment
  • 1 - DWG Leather & Vinyl
  • 1 - DWG Fabric Treatment
  • 1 - DWG OxyGone�
  • 1 - DWG Metal Polish
  • 1 - New DWG Buffing Towel
  • 1 - New Terry Cloth Towel
  • 1 - 8oz. DWG Pump Bottle

When you join as a Smart Start Dealer, you have the capability to receive a check a week. Then when you sponsors a Smart Start Dealer you earn a $20.00 immediate commission that is mailed out every Monday from the previous week. So you can now GET A CHECK EVERY SINGLE WEEK OF THE YEAR with DWG International. This makes the opportunity for you to receive up to 5 checks a month (including regular monthly commissions). 

So when a Smart Start Dealer sponsors another Smart Start Dealer, they get a $20.00 check from DWG mailed weekly. In addition to that $20.00 check the up-line Manager gets a $10.00 commission and the up-line Director gets a $10.00 commission!! So not only is that Smart Start Dealer who sponsored another Smart Start Dealer getting an immediate $20.00 commission but the up-line is going to make some great money as well. Now if there isn't an up-line Manager and a Director sponsors a Smart Start Dealer they will get an additional $20.00. . . this is part of the monthly commission. So this makes it really simple.  Your immediate income potential is as follows: A Smart Start Dealer can earn $20.00 on sponsoring another Smart Start Dealer. A Manager can earn $30.00 on sponsoring a Smart Start Dealer. . .that is $20.00 in the weekly check and $10.00 on the end of the month commission for a total of $30.00. A Director who sponsors a Smart Start Dealer can earn $40.00 . . .that is $20.00 in the weekly commission and $20.00 on the end of the month commission for a total of $40.00

Benefits: Cost:
  • 20% off future Retail orders
  • 20% Retail Profit on products sold
  • Distributor Kit included Free
  • Earn $20 for every new Smart Start Dealer you sign up and is paid weekly.

For more information on the difference beween a Dealer and Smart Start Dealer <<< Click Here

For more information on the Comp Plan <<< Click Here

$239.95 shipped



Important: You must choose this option when signing up to become a DWG Distributor. There is no other chance to join as a Smart Start Dealer. If you have any questions about joining with this option please call us toll free at 888-666-9274. Please sign up with the the following application and check off Smart Start Dealer.

3. Manager - purchase products at 20% discount as a dealer or Smart Start Dealer, and when you reach $3000 in total cumulative retail sales over any period of time, plus a $300 Retail Volume activation order, you become a Manager and are eligible for 30% discount and 10% commissions on Dealers in your organization.

OR do it the quick and easy way with the................. 

Quick Start Manager (QSM) Plan

Want to earn real money?  QS Managers receive an immediate discount of 25% off the Retail price on the initial order, which will give you the needed inventory to start your DWG business. A new Distributor may purchase US $1,300 in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) at discount of 25% within his/her first 30 days in business and qualify as a "Quick Start" Manager. Subsequent inventory purchases are at the 30% Manager discount. This is a substantial saving over the work up Manager requirements of $3000 Personal Group Retail Volume and $300 Activation Order.  

Where else can you get a 30% return on your money? But wait, it gets better.  A Manager can become a Director (40% discount) when they personally sponsor 3 new QS Managers and activate with a one time $600.00 retail volume activation order placed from the Company. 

4. Director - purchase product at a 30% discount. When you reach $6000 in total cumulative retail sales over any period of time, plus a $600 activation order you become a Director and receive commissions on Dealers (20%) and Managers (10%) in your Organization, and Director Overrides on your directors, or do it the quick and easy way with the  QS Director plan for $3,500 in Retail Volume and save $2,500 in retail volume.

Quick Start Director (QSD) Plan
A new distributor can immediately qualify as a Director by purchasing US $3,500 in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) of inventory in a single order (at the 30%  discount.  Become a Quick Start Director and enjoying whopping 40% wholesale discounts on subsequent inventory orders. As a Director you'll also earn 10% - 20% over-rides on managers and distributors in you downline plus be qualified to participate in the other various compensations and rewards that are available only to Directors.

Where else can you get a 40% return on your money?

Now for the REAL MONEY
What can you earn as a QSM or QSD? DWG International� pays a total of $260.00 in front side commissions alone on every single new QS Manager you bring into the business.  So a Director sponsors a new QS Manager they get a commission of $260.00�that is front side commission alone, we aren�t even talking about backside money. A Manager sponsors a QS Manager they earn $65.00 and the up-line Director earns $195.00.

Directors want QS Managers then they want their QS Managers to get more QS Managers. A Manager will become a Director when they personally sponsor 3 new QS Managers and activate with a one time $600.00 activation order placed from the Company.

Now we are going to talk some BIG money!! When a Director sponsors a QS Manager they can make a minimum of $905.00 from that QS Manager working to become a Director. When a Director sponsors a new QS Manager they get that $260.00 commission. When that QS Manager, and remember that this QS Manager is working to become a Director, goes and finds 3 more QS Managers that upline Director makes $195.00 for each new QS Manager�that is $585.00 for the three of them. Now that QS Manager must place that one time activation order for $600.00 and that pays another $60.00. That is a total of $905 in just front side commissions alone when that Director sponsors a new QS Manager and that QS Manager works to become a Director.

Remember that all QS Manager and QS Director orders MUST be placed directly from the company to be sure that you receive the proper credit. You may sell your prospect the product but you need to then turn around and place that same order with the company in their name and have it drop-shipped to yourself.

Everything that they are doing to become a Director will pay you big money if you are a Director. It is so important right now to go out and get 10, 15, 20 new QS Managers and help them and work with them to become Directors. If you do that, basically take the $905.00 and times that by as many new QS Managers that you can sponsor and as they become Directors you can figure out the huge money potential for you to earn.

Which Do You Prefer?

* There is no minimum inventory or purchase requirement to become an independent distributor with DWG. Our "Quick Start" opportunities are offered for those committed to earning significant incomes right from the start of their Dri Wash 'n Guard Distributorship opportunity. Many distributors work their way up to Manager and Director with just a small initial investment in inventory and reinvest the profits to build their businesses.


Enroll as an Independent Distributor

U.S. and Canadian residents of legal age may become DWG International Independent Distributors and purchase Dri Wash 'n Guard� products at wholesale cost. For only $34.95 ($43.95 CN), you can become a "Independent Distributor" and purchase DWG International products at a whopping 20% - 40% wholesale discount.

As a Director, Manager or Independent Distributor with DWG Intl. you purchase products in convenient case sizes and special mixed product packs for personal use and retail to your customers, relatives and friends. Begin enjoying the benefits of purchasing amazing Dri Wash products at wholesale prices today. Individual bottles of DWG products can be ordered at retail.

Former Distributors- You can re-enroll for  $34.95 ($43.95 CN), re-activate your P.I.N. and order the DWG products of your choice on-line. Use your former Enviro-Tech P.I.N. # in the on-line order form. If you have forgotten your P.I.N. use your Social Security # in its place. You are eligible to enroll as a "Quick Start Manager" or "Quick Start Director" .

New Distributor Enrollments- You will receive a DWG International Distributor Kit By UPS including your distributor P.I.N. #. The distributor product order form contains "DWG Products" and "Sales Aids". Products sold at distributor discounts are by the product case and mixed product case. Sales Aids are empty bottles. The AIRsol applicator bottles allow you to fill and dispense DWG products by the individual AIRsol. Sample bottles allow you to introduce DWG products in sample form to your potential customers. If you desire individual bottles of all the DWG detailing products, order the "detailers pack" containing one each of the 6 DWG detailing products including Dri Wash 'n Guard Ultra-Ion. Individual bottles of DWG products can be ordered at retail.

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